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RATED Service

A RATED designation from The CAUTION Group recognizes those select restaurants that have demonstrated a commitment to high quality that sets them apart among the thousands of licensed eateries across Michigan.

To be RATED, a restaurant must:

  • Receive a score of 4.2 or above on a likert 1-5 scale in a CAUTION Group-conducted customer satisfaction survey;
  • Survey its employees to collect valuable information;
  • Receive satisfactory grades on two (2) mystery shop visits
  • Have no unresolved complaints filed with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB);
  • Pass an extensive food safety inspection

"The information collected by the Caution Group has proved useful and we are using it to implement changes to our restaurant."

Steven La Fleur

Old Country Buffet

Designed more for the independently-owned restaurants, the RATED service is intended to help customers identify those establishments that are clean, serve properly prepared quality dishes and have great customer service. We believe that diners want this information and will reward RATED eateries with their hard earned dollars thus benefiting these businesses for their commitment to providing a quality dining experience.

Look for this decal at the entrance of the next restaurant you visit.

See our profile in Downriver 


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