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Pre-Employment/Tenant Background Checks

Other companies charge high fees just to check a database of public records but The CAUTION Group is different.

We check not only a variety of third-party sources but we make personal contact with past employers, leasing agents, law enforcement and courts and personal references to get you a more complete picture of your applicant. And all without those high fees.

"The Caution group has provided diligent, fast & accurate services leaving us confident that our employees have been meticulously screened."

Susan Ritchie

Home Service Corp

Don't risk a claim of Negligent Hiring because you didn't know what you should have known. Every business and every rental agent should be conducting a background check as part of the applicant process. Let us give you peace of mind with thorough and relevant background checks at affordable rates.

Benefits of performing background checks include:

  • Fewer bad hires / better quality hires
  • Reduction in employee turnover
  • Safer work environment
  • Selection of more honest, efficient and productive team
  • Reduction in employee theft
  • Negligent hiring protection

Contact us today for a free quote.  (313) 915-2443 or

Former military and law enforcement owned.

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