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Our primary focus is serving the needs of smaller law enforcement agencies at an affordable price. Don't let a small budget put your officers and community at a disadvantage. Call us today.

Audits & Reviews

We conduct independent audits of police department operations and policies and processes to ensure best practices are utilized in:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Recruitment & Promotion
  • Citizen Complaint Process
  • Discipline

Find out what you don't know and, if needed, fix it before a critical incident puts your agency in the national spotlight.

Audits of police operations can include:

  • If manpower is used effectively
  • Police facilities inspection
  • Patrol fleet inspection
  • If proper policies and procedures are in-place and current
  • Hiring, retention and training of employees
  • Response rates
  • Clearance rates
  • Testing and evaluation for promoting staff
  • Citizen complaint intake and investigation procedure and staff discipline process
  • Budgetary issues, cash reconciliation, purchases & other monetary processes within police department
  • Property/Evidence storage
  • Independent review of critical incidents
  • Mission statement and core values
  • Police vehicle-involved accidents and workers compensation claims
  • Police Reports – Professional, complete

Policies & Procedures

  • Policy review
  • Policy creation
  • Cohesive, professional policy manual

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