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On Tuesday, July 30, twenty-four judges tasted pepperoni pizzas from eight (8) of Downriver's independent pizza delivery restaurants and rated them on taste alone on a 1 to 5 scale (5 being the best). A ninth company was disqualified for bringing their signature pizza instead of pepperoni.

The judges declared the top 5 winners as follows:

#1 Karl's Pizza in Taylor (score 4.23)

#2 Andy's Pizza & Subs of Southgate (score 3.51)

#3 Franco's Pizza in Taylor (score 3.43) TIE

#3 Glenda's Pizza in Gibraltar (score 3.43) TIE

#4 Za Pizzeria of Southgate (score 3.40)

The CAUTION Group is conducting PIZZA WARS to determine which Independent Pizza Delivery restaurant has the best pizza in the twenty community Downriver area.

Volunteer and VIP judges will rate participating pizza shops on a 1 to 5 scale in a blind taste test on July 30, 2013 in Taylor.

This competition is not open to the national chains - to qualify, companies must have regular delivery service and fewer than ten (10) locations. A media blitz campaign will advertise the event and promote the top ten winners. More marketing assistance will be provided free to the top winners, also.

Registration fee of $50 is due by Monday, July 22. Pizza owners - register today!


  • Andy's Pizza & Subs (Southgate)
  • D'Angelos Pizza (New Boston)
  • Dough Boyz Pizza (Lincoln Park)
  • Franco's Pizza (Taylor)
  • Giovanni Pizza (Dearborn)
  • Glenda's Pizza (Gibraltar)
  • Karl's Pizza (Taylor)
  • The Pizza GI (Trenton)
  • ZA Pizzeria (Southgate)

We are also looking for volunteers to serve as judges to taste and rate the best in Downriver. Pizza fanatics should contact or (734) 309-0527.

Article in the Sunday News-Herald, July 14, 2013, by reporter Scott Held:

Pizza Wars seeking entries, judges

It’s a tough job, but Kevin Walters thinks he can round up enough volunteers.Walters’ Caution Group, a new firm that conducts employee and customer service satisfaction surveys, simply needs area residents to show up, eat pizza and tell his company what they think.

It’s part of Pizza Wars, a competition pitting the area’s independents that deliver pies.The criteria are simple: Entrants must be based in one of the 20 Downriver Community Conference communities, have fewer than 10 locations and regular delivery service.

Walters, a Flat Rock resident, estimates more than 75 such businesses fit the bill.

“This is a great opportunity for the smaller shops to introduce themselves to a larger customer base,” he said.

Entrants will meet in Taylor on July 30 and judges will sample their fare and grade the pizzas on taste and appearance.

Pizza makers and would-be judges can contact Walters at 1-734-309-0527 or The deadline for restaurant entries is July 22.

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