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Another Bad Shoot As Officer Mistakes Camera For Gun

In the story below, we see a Clark County (OH) deputy on a traffic stop suddenly draw his weapon and fire two shots WITHOUT WARNNG hitting a  local newspaper photographer setting up his camera and tripod.  

The deputy has been with the sheriff dept for five years.  He mistook the photography equipment for a gun.  Why?  Why is that the first assumption?  Does Clark County, located in west central Ohio, with a population of about 138,000 mostly in the Springfield metropolitan area, have such a high violence rate that your first assumption is a gun AND so overwhelming that you need to shoot first and ask questions later?

No warning whatsoever!  The officer appears to exit his patrol car and fire twice, striking the newsman.  It is time for training officers at academies and agencies to stop telling officers there is a boogy man around every corner that wants to kill him/her.  Officer safety training is a must but officers need to use their brains before their guns.  This was a bad shoot and the profession must say so.
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