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About Us

Our company's goal is to provide practical and no-nonsense information on current hot topics or remedial education, if needed, to police officers of every rank in an effort to help provide Constitutional policing and garner support from the community.

We also provide education sessions to the community itself on what they should expect from their police; rights and responsibilities of young adults; and the role that elected officials play in policing the police.

Our audits of police policies, hiring standards and how citizen complaints against officers are handled, investigated and resolved give credibility to departments and can help provide legitimacy to the community. Our policy service can create one policy or put together a complete manual.

Mailing Address:


14000 Dix-Toledo Rd #2115

Southgate, MI 48195


(313) 915-2443


(734) 758-2251


Former military and law enforcement owned.  

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