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Training and Education

The world is getting smaller. With a cellphone camera in every citizen's hand police officers may be recorded on every service call or traffic stop. What an officer does across the country is shared via social networks and officers are painted with the same brush.

The CAUTION Group provides training and education to police officers, supervisors and police chiefs; elected officials; and community members on a variety of current subjects in practical terms. 

We offer:

  • Elected Officials>> Police Oversight for Municipal Officials
  • Police>> Legal Update>> Open Carry>> Sovereign Citizens>> Avoiding YouTube Infamy>> Officer-Involved Shooting>> Law Enforcement Officer Killed & Assaulted (LEOKA)>> Public Perception of Police>> Management Failure>> How to Avoid a USDOJ "Pattern & Practice" Investigation
  • Community>> Youth: The Law & You>> The Police & You: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

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